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The Sojourner Truth Art Development Center

Our goal for the past 14 years has been to create a structured learning environment for children, youth and families using art education as a medium to teach fundamental life skills and social values. Through the creative arts, our vision is to provide a healthy learning environment where people from diverse backgrounds can learn and grow harmoniously. Sojourner Truth Development Center sponsors year-round educational programs and projects for all ages.

Art and Health Programs

Recognizing that community health is a prerequisite to any kind of development, and we have taken steps to bring health classes and promotions into our repertoire of programs.   For example, our Wellness Program “Hip Hop to Wellness,” is a Kaiser-sponsored program that addresses childhood obesity by involving the family in making healthy changes in diet and encouraging physical activities.  Activities such as the Oak Park Kids Run and our own Hip-Hop,African Dance and Salsa workshops make exercising fun and exciting.

Character and emotional development are vital goals in our mission.  To that end, each year we sponsor community teens in several youth conferences such as the African American SCUSD Youth Empowerment Conference.  Workshops offered at our Center have included the Girls’ Power Hour to enhance young girls’ self esteem and Saving Our Sons for 6 to 12 year-old boys to learn how to make responsible choices.

SOJO Artscape, a delinquency prevention program utilizing mural art.

SOJO Summer Camp, 8 weeks of art instruction and free lunches for children and youth 6-18 years old.

Circle of Peace, Diversity and Culture, empowering youth and families to create public art and community gardens in their own communities.

Hands-On Art, a series of classes in visual art, graphic design, folk art, and music.

Mama & Me Scribble Scrabble, a structured program for parents with children 5 and under.

Out of Box Field Trips, which connect youth with the outdoors, with art in the community, and with agency-sponsored youth conferences and events.

Still I Rise Youth Development, encourages teens to consider the arts as a career path and offers job information and aid, mentoring, academic tutoring leadership development, internships and art scholarships. Young men and women prepare to be leaders

Sojourner HIV/AIDS Awareness Education, provides education on HIV awareness

In Pursuit of Truth is a violence prevention program that provides stress awareness workshops for youth and the entire family utilizing Art Therapy

Hip Hop 2 Wellness, a family wellness program.

Saving Our Sons, a program for 6 to 12 year old boys to learn how to make responsible choices.

Mural Jams Saturday Workshops


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