Welcome to the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum Website

Named in honor of the celebrated abolitionist and women’s rights activist, the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum is dedicated to bringing Asian, African, Latino and Native American art to the general public. In addition to displaying art from around the world, the museum also features an extensive list of workshops, classes and special events designed to educate the community about their collective culture.

Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum & Development Center

 Spreading Our Wings with Sojourner Truth

The mission of the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum & Development Center (SoJo) is to foster personal and civic well-being in our community through fine, applied, and performing arts.  We believe that the desire to experience and participate in creativity is essential to optimum human expression and development. 

We carry out our mission by increasing access and exposure to art, by developing understanding and appreciation of art through educational and academic programs, and by inviting active participation of community members of all ages in creating and promoting art. 


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Through our active outreach efforts, children, youth, adults, families, and organizations within the local community, the larger Sacramento area, and in other Northern California locations participate in our art and personal development programs.

Access and Exposure to Art

Promoting Understanding, Appreciation and Participation in the Arts

Outreach and Community involvement

History of Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum & Development Center

History of Sojourner Truth


Telephone: (916) 320-9573
FAX: (916) 424-3904

2251 Florin Road, Suite 126
Sacramento, CA 95822

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