Sonya Fe

Exhibit for the month of June 2012 featuring

Contemporary Chicana/Chicano artist Sonya Fe 

  Sonya Fe Painting 1

Info about the Artist:
“Looking at the actual canvas, one is struck by the unexpected beauty of the paint application itself. Every part of the surface is luminous—even the browns and blacks of the shadows. When the artists facets a form in the tradition of Cézanne or Picasso, she is describing not merely planes, but also the effect of light on them. Sometimes her form is volumetric and transparent at the same time—a technical tour de force which any painter is obliged to respect. The images seem to glow with inner radiance. Indeed, the whole picture seems to be a collage of transparent tissues.”  

Sonya Fe Painting 2

Sacramento Press News Article on Sonya Fe – June 14, 2012.


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